About Us

Designer and antique retro foosball tables for worldwide delivery

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“Providing the best pool & foosball tables for sale at sensible prices, offering as much, or as little help and assistance you require at any and all times to make sure you get the table game you really want…”

Hi, how are you? So you’d like to find out a little bit more about us? As these types of pages can be a bit boring, we’ll try and make it a bit more interesting for you and try to make it as relevant as possible. We thought the easiest way to do that (and to make it a bit different as already stated…), would be to make this a kind of ‘FAQs-meets-Q&A’. So enough of the waffle, here’s the hard facts that you want to know:

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We started in January 1998, originally as a wholesale snooker and pool equipment importer from the Far East. The company name has changed a couple of times since then and at that time, we went under the name of World of Billiards Ltd

Q: What’s your experience?

A: Before establishing WoB in 1998, we’d already had over 10 years experience in the commercial and residential amusement/game room supply industry. We were lucky enough to spend a lot of time exploring and investigating manufacturers of all shapes and sizes from Chicago to Taipei. Whilst it might sound glamorous, standing in a warehouse full of chalk dust, or another knee-deep in wood carvings, really makes you understand what this industry is really all about. More importantly it teaches you to understand that whilst something may look incredible, the way it’s put together may mean in practice, it’s a complete dog of an item. Without that experience stretching back well over 1/4 century, it’s all too easy to simply offer prospective customers (you!) goods that simply aren’t up to the level of quality they should be

Q: Which manufacturers do you work with?

A: Well this kind of emphasises what we said above. Right now we are proud to be working with Billard Toulet and Stella Loisirs (foosball tables), both based just outside Lille in Northern France, plus Garlando in Italy. For accessories we only offer Simonis or Strachan cloth and Aramith ball sets.

Q: Other companies offer many more brands than you – why do you limit what we can buy from you?

A: There’s a simple explanation for that. Say you go to one of our competitors and you like one of their pool tables. You contact them and quite rightly ask them straight out, ‘Is this table the best made and best playing table I can get for my budget?’ They can’t really say anything else other than yes can they? So what about the other tables they are offering at that price range? If you’d have chosen one of those would you be buying a sub-standard product, or would that too be the best you could buy?

In our opinion the only reason for offering so many options is to make sure they can try and hook you into something (probably anything in fact!). If they really cared, they would have taken the time to investigate the manufacturer and determined one was the best and then decided to work with them. Of course there are times when one manufacturer cannot offer a broad enough range to cover all budgets which is why we work with three foosball companies, but for pool tables, Toulet offer tables from less than £2k, right up to over £25k, with each one fully customisable. They look great and play great too and in our opinion are the best you can get right now.

That might not be the case in ten years time. If it’s not, then we’ll work as hard as we can to find the company that does provide the best. Since 1998, we’ve partnered some of the biggest names in the game room supply industry. If they don’t provide the quality or the range that is required for us to offer, then we simply find someone who can. You pay a lot of money for a pool or foosball table. Don’t you think you really deserve the best, or just something some salesman thinks you want to hear?

Q: Why should I buy from you?

A: Well there are many reasons already highlighted above, but also because you’re dealing with the people that rely on this business being successful. When you contact us to enquire about a product, or even to make a purchase, you’re dealing with the owners of this business. Unlike many of our competitors who prefer to remain anonymous (unless their staring in their own videos!), this is our business and no-one understands it like we do.   You will not get fobbed off with some sales person who last week was selling mobile phones. You deal direct with the owners. The buck really does stop here.

So, how we can help…

  • Need help, advice, check a size or a weight without feeling you have to buy something first? No problem. Just use the Contact Us form, or call us on 0113 238 0302
  • You know what you want, but not sure of the full price or how to buy? Just get in contact. We’d love to hear from you

A little bit about security…

Many of our products are custom made items and so it’s not really feasible to offer a shopping cart as many of our competitors do, plus we only ever ask for a 50% deposit for our pool tables. However that said, at some point we are I’m afraid going to have to ask you for money if you want us to supply you one of our incredible pool or foosball tables and that brings up the serious issue of security.

You should be able to see the green padlock in the address bar of your browser. That’s the first key point. Our site is protected by 256bit SSL security. However that’s not enough for us. We also use Cloudflare who monitor our site for people and bots that may try to get access to our admin area – if they do try, Cloudflare should shut them down. It’s not a failsafe option, but it’s so much more than most of our competitors are offering.

Thirdly, we use Stripe for any credit card processing. There is a major hurdle that EVERY online merchant SHOULD have to cross and that’s called PCI compliance. In short it means that there are very, very stringent controls on websites that they must comply with if they are safely to process your private information. i wouldn’t mind betting that many of the ‘other’ sites out there do not audit their complicity, which can leave you open to fraudulent spending on your card and identity theft. To combat this, Stripe utilise cutting edge technology that means even if you do input your credit card details on our site, we never, ever get to see them and they don’t go through our servers.

We’re very, very serious about your privacy and security – you should be too!

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