Debuchy by Toulet Custom Luxury Designer Foosball Tables

Designer and antique retro foosball tables for worldwide delivery

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Debuchy by Toulet Custom Designed Luxury Foosball

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More than a game, an experience. That’s what Debuchy by Toulet is all about. From cutting edge design, through to reinventing vintage 1950s style foosball tables, DbyT is very much at the forefront of modern luxury, custom made designer foosball tables. Take a look at the range below and see what takes your eye. Each is custom made in France and takes around 6-8 weeks for manufacture, with each model a collaboration between Mathieu Debuchy, French international footballer and Billards Toulet, manufacturers of the highest quality game room equipment since 1857

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Debuchy by touletLocated in northern France, just outside Lille, there lies a 75,000 square feet factory, dedicated to producing the very finest looking and playing foosball tables, and home to Debuchy by Toulet

When French international footballer Mathieu Debuchy began working with the renowned billiard table manufacturer Billards Toulet, it was due to a number of key things, but none more important than quality, looks and playability. Every step along the production path is undertaken in-house. This ensures quality, but also means deadlines can be met without having to wait for outside contractors. Each foosball table model is conceived by Toulet and designed in 3D modelling software with multiple concepts created for every single final model that makes it into production. The design team may start with up to 10 concept designs that need to be narrowed down to the final production model. There are many reasons for each concept to be discarded and Debuchy by touletthe final version must adhere to the key elements of a Debuchy by Toulet soccer table, which are:

  • Unique fun
  • Unmatched user experience
  • Comfort in play
  • Highly developed sense of aesthetic design
  • Unconventional style

Most conventional foosball tables are made from MDF or similar. In many cases, DbyT tables are crafted from steel.

This not only creates a heavier and better performing table, but it adds to the style too. Touching and feeling a Debuchy foosball is like experiencing no other football table, but of course unconventional production creates new problems that have to be overcome, which is another reason why Toulet insist on producing their tables in-house

Of course modern production is not only about finding the best way to manufacture something, it’s also about ensuring we protect the environment and adhere to social responsibilities. In these cases Debuchy are 100% made in France, to ensure the benefits of the Toulet facility can be shared throughout France and Europe as a whole.

WDebuchy by toulethere possible, any waste that can be recycled is collected and reused within the factory. Environmental issues are always a key factor in the design of any new Toulet foosball or billiard table, always looking to reduce any impact on the environment to as little as possible.

By partnering with “Les Billards Toulet” french manufacturer since 1857, our company benefits of the EPV label. This is a recognition of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, set up to distinguish French companies that possesses craft skills and manufacturing excellence. This label brings together manufacturers committed to the high performance of their business and their products. The Living Heritage Company label (EPV) can “be attributed to any company that holds an economic heritage, especially made of a rare expertise, renowned or ancestral, based on the mastery of traditional techniques and sophisticated and circumscribed to a territory “. Label awarded since 2010.

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Le Debuch Luxury Designer Exclusive Foosball Table

Without doubt, each one of Le Debuch ever built will be a complete original, just like the supercars that have inspired the design team at DbyT to produce such an amazing table. Possibly the most incredible foosball table ever created? Take a look and see what you think

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Blackball Luxury Designer Foosball Table

Taking inspiration from Toulet’s Blacklight billiard table, the Blackball is designed to be the ultimate in foosball table creation. Not just your choice of 500+ body colours and 16+ field areas, but lighting and even integrated bluetooth audio system

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Pure Custom Made Luxury Designer Foosball Table

Inspired by designs from Scandinavia and the desire to make a foosball table that appeals as much to the ladies of the family as the men, Debuchy by Toulet have created the Pure. Combining the natural warmth and beauty of solid oak and the shape of modern football stadia, the Pure takes the concept of family and friends together and makes it a reality

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Vintage Retro Reproduction 1950s Foosball Table

The reproduction version of the classic 1950s Stella Champion cafè style babyfoot table, takes the original design and flips it to create a modern take on this iconic design. Staying wholly faithful to the original production table with authentic parts, the DbyT Vintage retro foosball table is also crafted from solid beech with engraved rod collars and ashtrays, complimenting exquisite cage style goals.

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T11 Contemporary Designer Foosball Table

Original design, true to the spirit of DeBuchy by Toulet, yet by no means exclusive. Custom make it to your own desires for a truly unique table football table, yet relax knowing that this particular DbyT foosball is no more expensive than a regular Bonzini, yet infinitely more amazing and ready to make your friends and family take more than just a cursory glance

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T22 Custom Designer Foosball Table

Minimalist and simple in design, yet as complex (or not) as you need to customise. Choose simple, or go all the way with hand painting, LED lights and more. Take the T11, the inspiration for this table and move to the next level. Choose from 500+ plus body colours or even have us integrate original artwork. With the T22, the choice is yours

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Genuine 1950s Refurbished Solid Hardwood Foosball Table

Genuine 1950s cafè style French vintage baby-foot foosball tables, lovingly and authentically restored and totally resplendent in solid oak or finished to your requirement. Stay faithful to the original, or modernise it completely, we can make it however you want

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