Modern pool dining table - Delta by Rene Pierre

Modern Pool Dining Table – Delta 6ft by Rene Pierre

The Delta modern pool dining table by Rene Pierre (as with all tables in the range) is before anything else, a high quality dining table, a place that is comfortable and practical for up to six people. There’s no need for any cumbersome ‘rise and fall’ mechanisms, just simply take off the one-piece matching table top (not included in price) and enjoy a great game of pool. Although a 6ft table, the Delta is set for full-size American pool balls thanks to a unique manufacturing process from Rene Pierre which means you get the benefit of the bigger ball game, but without the normal problems of poor cushion response. (Price includes UK mainland delivery and assembly)

Price £2246 £1,996.00

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How will the Delta pool table be delivered?
Included in our price is a two man delivery and assembly service to a ground floor location. We will contact you by telephone and/or email to arrange a date for the delivery and assembly of the table. The team will leave your Delta pool dining table level and ready for play. If you need the table to be delivered upstairs or indeed downstairs, please call us to obtain a quote for this extra service

What comes with the Savane billiard table?
The Delta is available in green or blue cloth from Simonis, manufacturers of professional championship billiard cloth since 1640, plus a full set of accessories including balls, cues, rest and head, and triangle. In essence, everything you need to get you started having fun. However we do also stock premium accessory packs from Aramith providing a much enhanced experience with better cues and match ball sets. Ask us to provide further information…

Does the Delta modern pool diner come with any form of table top?
No, unfortunately not. Whilst we try to include everything we can and keep prices as reasonable as is possible, including a dining table top is not practical cost wise. That said we can arrange to supply a matching dining table top if you would like one – contact us for more information

The Delta is an American pool table right? Does this mean it’s going to be too easy to play?
With English pool, you get smaller, tighter pockets with a rounded profile. Just like a smaller version of snooker. You also play with smaller balls – 2″ instead of 2-1/4″ for American. Whilst this might be the best option for any 5ft table and possibly a 6ft table, for all others, the smaller balls and tighter pockets just don’t make sense. Besides which, with the spot and stripe pool balls that come with American pockets, you can play more than 30 different games from simple 8-ball pool, right up to the ultra-hard One Pocket Billiards, all with the same set. If you’ve ever watched professional 9-ball on TV, you’ll see even pro players rarely get to run out a full rack, so no, you shouldn’t find this too easy

How long will it take for the Delta to be ready?
The Delta is in our current stock of pool tables. We normally allow approximately 14 days to get your delivery and assembly booked in, however this can be extended close to Christmas. If you have a date in mind that you need the table to be ready for, please let us know and we will see what we can do

What room size do I need for a Delta modern pool table?
You use the play area of the table to determine how much room you need, plus the length of a cue at both sides and ends. So for example, an 8ft table has a play area of 88″ x 44″, so if you wanted to use full size 58″ cues, you simply double the cue length (2 x 58 = 116″) and add this to the length and width of the play area, so in this instance 88 + 116 = 204″ long, plus 116 + 44 = 160″ wide. See the size guide above for more info

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You don’t have to pay a thing up front to order the Delta pool dining table. We want to make sure you have it just the way you want it, then pay a 50% deposit by return of invoice with the balance on or around delivery. Just click the button to contact us today…

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