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Luxury & Designer Custom Made Modern & Vintage Retro Foosball Tables

Foosball tables are a great way of having fun together as a family, keeping the kids entertained in a safe and warm environment (at home!) and of course as a pressure release in a breakout zone at work. Table football tables don’t have to cost a lot of money, normally don’t take up much space and pretty much anyone can play, making them enormously entertaining for anyone that wants a go. With a range of table football games from just over £100 through to more than £20,000.00 we should have just the table you’re searching for…


Stella Loisirs foosball manufacturer since 1929Since the game of table football was (supposedly) invented, way back in the 1920s by a fellow called Harold Thornton, foosball (to give it its global and more generic name) has continued to capture the public’s mind as a way of having a huge amount of fun, without having to put much, if any, effort into learning how to play. It’s a truly global pass time with manufacturers located worldwide including the USA although typically they tend to have their own way of producing the tables, fitting them with 3 goalies rather than sloping sides.

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As avid fans of the real ‘beautiful game’, it probably follows that we’re also fans of the smaller game too. Whilst we work with a selected group of manufacturers, we still have a truly massive range of table football tables for your selection, all with delivery included to most of mainland UK.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t try to offer every single manufacturer in the hope we can ‘hook you into something’. We work only with brands that are the best in their field. So we have a chosen manufacturer for a specific price band and that manufacturer is as far as we are concerned, the best.

So whether you’re looking for a cheap football table at around the £100 price level, a coin operated football table, folding football table or freeplay home football table, you can be sure that any table sourced via us will provide years of high quality game play. Here’s a look at the companies we work with…

Debuchy by Toulet foosball tablesGarlando football tables:

Manufactured in Italy, Garlando table football tables are designed to appeal to one of the broadest ranges of any producer. Starting with the F-1 which is specifically made for younger players and going through to the brand new Garlando Experience, a modern designer influenced foosball table, Garlando typically have something for everyone, including genuine ITSF professional tables.

Rene Pierre football tables:

Located in the south of France, Rene Pierre are one of the Continent’s oldest manufacturers, and one of the largest in France. Specialising in the ‘baby-foot’ style of foosball table, Rene Pierre tables feature top quality performance and design. All our on-going range feature vinyl play areas, hand painted metal players, telescopic rods and cork balls which means the most controllable and powerful tables that are great for beginners and more experienced players at the same time.

Stella Loisirs football table games:

Another long-standing French manufacturer, world renowned for their vintage style foosball tables, such as the 1950s reproduction Champion with wonderfully crafted stainless steel cage goals and engraved, steel rod collars. Just like Rene Pierre, Stella foosball tables feature vinyl play areas, hand painted (or even chrome and nickel) players, telescopic rods and cork balls.

Custom Galatasary foosball table by TouletDebuchy by Toulet foosball tables:

Many table football table games still look the same as they probably did back in 1921 when Harold Thornton first built the original football table, but that’s all changed with Debuchy by Toulet. Formed as a partnership between highly respected French game room equipment manufacturer Billards Toulet and French international footballer Mathieu Debuchy, DbyT now offer the most dynamic, technically amazing and most stunning foosball tables you could hope to buy.

Forget the traditional style of a soccer table, with Debuchy by Toulet, the humble foosball has been transformed into a full on home entertainment system. Design is key, yet these tables will never suffer from concerns regarding form over function. Play is of the highest quality and options including dining table tops, LED lighting and even built in bluetooth sound systems, DbyT tables are simply unmatched.

Modern contemporary football table - Le Debuch by Toulet

Inspired by modern supercar design, and encapsulating a futuristic profile, sportiness and dynamism, ‘Le DeBuch’. The most outrageous, amazing foosball ever

Blackball luxury designer foosball table from DeBuchy by Toulet

Handmade metal chassis in any colour you desire, LED scoring, under-frame lighting, even integrated sound system. The ultimate table football table for sure

Pure designer foosball table in gloss white

Taking inspiration from Nordic design to integrate warmth through solid wood and modern football stadia, the Pure appeals to the entire family, not just the men

Gloss red retro vintage table football table

A modern twist on a traditional favourite. The design from authentic 1950s style French babyfoot tables so popular in just about every cafe across France. Also in black

Real vintage oak babyfoot table by Toulet

Genuine 1950s cafè style French vintage baby-foot foosball tables, lovingly and authentically restored and totally resplendent in solid oak or finished to your requirement

Rene Pierre Black Match foosball table

Modern and functional, the Black Match from Rene Pierre. Gloss black finish, white marble play area, hand painted black vs grey players just oozes class and sophistication

T11 gloss white table football table by Toulet

Original design, true to the spirit of DeBuchy by Toulet, yet by no means exclusive. Custom make it to your own desires for a truly unique table football table

Vintage retro foosball table, Stella Black Champion

A slightly more modernised retro reproduction foosball table from Stella using the same components as the 1950s original version, but with a more modern cabinet design

Rene Pierre Color Series foosball table

The Color series of home foosball tables from Rene Pierre are all about having fun. Choose from a selection of great colours with each being a top of the range playing table

T22 brown and brushed aluminium foosball table

Minimalist and simple in design, yet as complex (or not) as you need to customise. Choose simple, or go all the way with hand painting, LED lights and more

Rene Pierre Competition pro foosball table

Solid beech cabinet, legs and stretchers with telescopic rods, vinyl play area, hand painted players and cork balls. Power, consistency and total control. A top pro foosball table

Rene Pierre Club foosball

A great home foosball table that’s great for experienced and beginner players alike. Telescopic rods, raised corners, hand painted metal players all included as standard