Garlando foosball tables collection

Garlando Foosball Tables

Garlando are the world’s number one manufacturer of high quality, value for money home foosball table games. From the entry level F-1 football table,  to a number of highly convenient folding leg football tables, right through to the ITFS Pro Champion table, used in World Championship tournaments around the globe, Garlando are sure to have a table for you.


Garlando factory in ItalyJust off the main road from Genoa to Milan lies the provincial town of Novi Ligure. Like much of Italy, the town has a long and checkered history being famous as the site of the defeat of the Imperial French army by the Austro-Russian army and the death of the French commander Joubert.

It’s also been part of the French Empire, the Kingdom of Sardinia and now part of the Italian Republic. But most importantly, it’s the home of Garlando football tables.

Originally started in 1954 from a nearby village by Renato Garlando, the company has steadily grown over the last 50 years or so to become the most recognised foosball brand in the world, however the original idea was born from the success of French football tables being imported into Italy at that time.

Garlando plastic playersAs with many young businesses, Garlando for the first part of its life was built on the skill of a small number of highly skilled craftsmen, however the continual success and growth of the company meant that new automation and processes needed to be implemented to allow the company to continue to grow.

By the start of the 1980s, Renato Garlando had handed over day-to-day control of the business to his son Guiseppe, who aided by his brother Marino, began the modernisation and standardisation of the Garlando plant

With continual growth and export success to new areas such as Eastern Europe and North Africa, Garlando moved into their current factory in 2002. The new facility offered 10,000 square metres for production and a workforce of over 60 people, helping to produce the highest quality football tables for onward shipment around the world.

Garlando F-1 kids foosball table
Garlando F-5 home foosball table
Garlando F-20 folding leg foosball table

Garlando F-1 Foosball Table

Specifically made for children, the F-1 features a smaller table size to make playing easier and more fun for younger players and telescopic rods as standard for extra safety

Garlando F-5 Foosball Table

Designed for all members of the family to have fun together, the Garlando F-5 foosball table is sturdy, fast and doesn’t cost a fortune

Garlando F-20 Foosball

Part of the FamilyFun series from Garlando, the F-20 is a highly capable foosball table that all the family can use and have fun with, plus it conveniently folds away for storage when you’re not using it. Cool

Garlando G-100 childrens foosball table

Garlando G-100 Foosball Table

A great foosball table that can be adapted for use by both kids and adults through adjustable legs. Telescopic rods are standard

Garlando Champion folding leg foosball table

Garlando Champion Foldaway Foosball Table

Want a foosball table but not sure you have the space? Don’t worry anymore, with the Champion from Garlando, you just fold it up and stow it away until the next time.

Garlando Master Pro foosball table

Garlando Master Pro Foosball Table

Effectively the same table as the Champion, but with a different colour scheme. Also a folding leg foosball table

Garlando G-500 foosball table

Garlando G-500 Foosball Table

The G-500 is Garlando’s most popular table. It is a classic design with a very strong construction, excellent stability and outstanding playability