Pool Tables London

Designer and antique retro foosball tables for worldwide delivery

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Pool Tables London – Sales, Planning & Assistance

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Delivering pool tables for sale to London, is not always the easiest of projects to plan and complete. Thankfully we’ve been doing this since 1998 and we have a pretty good understanding of what can go wrong, what to look out for and how to solve problems that others might just give up on.

Whether you have a large countryside home with its own private drive, a town house in Mayfair with little or no parking, or even an international bank in the middle of the City of London, we’ve been there and know what problems might be there to cause a potential headache.

Our dedicated two-man delivery team plan their route well ahead of time and will co-ordinate with you to ensure they get to your home at the best time. Of course, we can’t do everything on our own, we will need a little help from you to ensure that we can at least unload the table within 50 yards of your location or so. If we have to move the delivery vehicle to park for longer, then we can arrange to do that.

Over the past 15+ years, we’ve delivered and fitted pool tables London to locations such as Weybridge, Mayfair, Chelsea, Bromley, Seven Oaks, Isleworth, Stanmore, Iver, Cobham, Ilford, Chigwell, Wimbledon, Tottenham, Highgate, City of London and many, many more.

Not sure which pool table will work best? Don’t worry, we can help. Just send us a message and we’ll be happy to arrange a date to visit your London location to discuss which table might work best in your home. We’ll also check other issues such as parking, off-loading the pool table, which stain finish and cloth colour might work best and much more

So if you’re looking for a pool table for sale in London, contact us and see how we can help you

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