Pool Tables

Designer and antique retro foosball tables for worldwide delivery

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Custom Luxury & Designer Pool Tables

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Gameroom Equipment are specialist Billards Toulet dealers for the UK and there’s a good reason for us only looking to work specifically with one company, and that’s because we believe Toulet billiard tables are the best made, best looking and most configurable. Each and every one of the pool tables for sale we have on our website, are completely custom made, allowing you to choose the stain finish, cloth colour and in many cases much more too, making this the perfect choice for you. Ranging from American luxury designer pool tables, to solid wood English pool tables, there should be something for everyone, and don’t forget unlike our competitors, we never ask you to pay in full to buy pool tables from us…

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Professional pool table - Lambert FFBWe certainly don’t have the largest selection of pool tables in the UK, unlike many other billiard table retailers around. We would rather sleep sound at night knowing that if you do decide to buy a pool table from us, you’re still going to love it 30 years from now, not hate the very thought of it in thirty days!

Whereas only a few years ago, pool tables were heaped into a simple, single category, there are now a multitude of different classes of table available for you, depending on style, budget and practical issues. Now you can choose English pool tables, American pool tables, luxury, custom and even designer pool tables. If space is an issue, then worry not as we also have a specific page for pool dining tables which, as the name would suggest, double up as a dining table for most of the time and a pool table for when you feel the need to entertain (or simply want to give the kids something to do!).

If you’re at all stuck or need an answer to a simple, or indeed complicated question, let us know. We’ve been doing this for more than a 1/4 century and know a good pool table from a glorified pile of wood. We’re not going to sell you a table of any kind, but we are going to help you find the perfect solution for your game room requirement.

When it comes to the point that you have finally decided on the model that works for you, unlike just about every other UK pool table dealer, we never ask you to pay in full (unless you need the table within a few days). All we need is a 50% deposit that you can pay by return of invoice safely and securely via Stripe, or direct via bank transfer. The balance is payable on or around delivery.

Talking of delivery…custom pool dining table by Billard Toulet

Again, we try to go the extra mile and make life as simple and fair as possible which is why all our pool tables include delivery and assembly to anywhere in mainland UK. Where others stop at Glasgow or Bristol, we keep going. So if you’re in Aberdeen, Inverness, Taunton, Cornwall or any of the other places that competitors insist on charging to go to, come and take a look and see what we can do.

That said, if you like an item on our site but need it delivering and possibly even fitting abroad, we can do that too. From delivering to a shipping company, through to arranging the logistics direct to your home, just get in contact and let us have the details.

So… How can we help?

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Lambert Modern Pool Table by BIllards Toulet

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Designed by European Champion Christophe Lambert to offer true tournament play combined with fully customisable, stunning good looks for UK and American pool

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Antique Reproduction Pool Table – Empereur

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Authentic antique reproduction solid wood billiard table by Billards Toulet. Custom finish the stain or even opt for solid walnut and choose from 6ft through to 12ft

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Antique Style Solid Walnut Renaissance by Toulet

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Custom design the Renaissance the way you want. Choose the exact colour you want to cover or show the grain. Even Swarovski diamond sights if you desire

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Solid Walnut Antique Reproduction Rochevilaine

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Custom pool table design by Billards Toulet. Choose the exact stain you want for this amazing solid walnut 19th century style pool table from 6ft to 12ft

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Solid Wood Custom Made English Pool Table

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Solid hardwood English format pool table with turned and fluted Louis XVI style legs. How UK pool tables should be, complete with Michelin tournament cushions

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Bitalis Contemporary Pool Table by Billards Toulet

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The Bitalis designer, professional pool table offers full customisation options and a genuine professional playing experience for both American and English pool formats

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Traditional English Style Pool Table by Toulet

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Forget the dead thud you usually get when playing on this type of English style pool table. Made from solid wood (not MDF) in three cabinet colours

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Luxury Designer Pool Table – Blacklight by Toulet

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Unique, individually numbered, fully customisable and winner of the International Design Award… The Blacklight by Billards Toulet, more than just a pool table…

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Championship Lambert Custom UK Pool Table

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The World Championship Lambert Club by Toulet. Competition UK format pool as it should be played with Michelin rubbers and top grade Brazilian slate bed

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Professional Pool Table – Lambert FFB by Toulet

The official competition pool table of the FFB from Billards Toulet in association with world champion Christophe Lambert

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Solid Wood English Pool Table by Toulet

An elegantly designed slimline English style pool table, the ‘Sweet-Home’ from Toulet. Solid wood, competition rubbers, your choice of table finish

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Modern English Style Solid Wood Pool Table

The straight leg version of the Sweet-Home from Billards Toulet. Custom made pool table with choice of size, table finish and cloth colour

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