Vintage-Retro Foosball Table

Vintage Reproduction Foosball Tables for sale Worldwide

Retro Foosball – Beech

The beauty of natural beech makes this version of our 1950’s retro foosball an amazing piece of furniture, perfect for any home

Retro Foosball – Red

Stunning pillar-box red makes this version of the Retro foosball, one awesome centre piece for any high-end game room

Retro Foosball – Black

Understated and always modern, contemporary, this Retro will look amazing in just about any location, in just about any home

Retro Foosball – Walnut

Traditional walnut stain on this version of the Retro makes this the most authentic of all the tables – can you smell the coffee and cigs?

Authentically French Since 1948

The Retro Champion foosball is a genuine and authentic reproduction of the Stella football table of the same name. It was first produced in 1948 and five years later was chosen as the official table for the French national championships, hence the name. It’s available in four colours with options for players, handles and play field. Supplied as a coin-op model as standard, you can of course choose free-play if you so desire.

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You might want to know…

Hand Painted Metal Players

As with all our foosball tables, the Retro features metal players. These are heavy grade steel and hand painted by craftsmen at the factory in France. As they are metal, you get the benefit of power and accuracy, things you generally don’t get on tables with plastic players

Sloping Corners

Most foosball tables that have a melamine or glass play field don’t have sloping corners. You may have also seen American tables that feature 3 goalies. Our tables always have sloping sides, to make sure you get the best performance and of course fun for your money

Vinyl Play Field

It doesn’t matter which table or from what company you buy from – if it’s not fun, it’s a waste of time, so we insist on vinyl play fields for ultimate control and playability

Telescopic Rods

Foosball tables are meant to provide hours and indeed years of great fun for all the family, which is why we only specify telescopic rods. This means it’s safer for younger players to avoid eye injury and older players to avoid a painful injury to the groin!

Custom Options

Make the Retro really fit into the style and design of your game room by choosing any of our custom options. Change the colour of the players or the play field and opt for long or traditional handles

Easy Assembly

Some tables require you to essentially put the entire table together, a process that can take a full day. The Retro table comes to you with fully assembled cabinet and rods – you just need to bolt on the legs and off you go – simple!


Prices are as follows. Please note, delivery is not included. For UK mainland, shipping to your door is +£165. For other locations, please enquire

Standard Model


Features of this model

  • Black, red, walnut or natural beech
  • Choice of round or long handles
  • Regular green marble play field
  • Red & Blue players
  • Full cabinet assembly
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Premium Model


Features of this model

  • Colour choice as per Std Model
  • Choice of round or long handles
  • Choice of green, off-white, grey-black play field
  • Silver vs Gold players
  • Full cabinet assembly
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Original 1950s Refurb Model


Features of this model

  • Solid oak or beech
  • Full choice of finish
  • Extended play field options
  • Choice of player finish
  • *Not available from stock
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